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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a set include?

All Drawing Board Atlanta, Inc., plans were designed to meet one of the nationally recognized building codes (the Uniform Building Code, Standard Building Code or Basic Building Code) at the time and place they were drawn.

Due to regional variations, local availability of materials, local codes, methods of installation, and individual preferences, it is impossible to include detail on heating and plumbing work on your plans. The duct work, venting, and other details will vary depending on the type of heating and cooling system (forced air, hot water, electric, solar) and the type of energy (gas, oil, electricity, solar) that you use. These details and specifications are easily obtained from your builder, contractor, and/or local suppliers.

While each set is unique, all of the following will be included:

Foundation Plans: include drawings for a standard, daylight or partial basement, crawlspace, pier, or slab foundation. All necessary notations and dimensions are included. (Foundation options will vary for each plan. If the home you want does not have the type of foundation you desire, contact us to discuss having that plan created.)

Detailed Floor Plans: show the placement of interior walls and the dimensions for rooms, doors, windows, stairways, etc., of each level of the house. In some cases, the door and window dimensions and/or stair details may be on a separate page.

Exterior Elevations: show the front, rear and sides of the house, including exterior materials, details and measurements.

Wall Sections and/or Cross Sections: show details of the house as though it were cut in slices from the roof to the foundation. The cross sections specify the home's construction, insulation, flooring and roofing details.

Roof Details: show slope, pitch and location of dormers, gables and other roof elements, including clerestory windows and skylights. These details may be shown on the elevation sheet or on a s eparate diagram. Note: If trusses are used, we suggest using a local truss manufacturer to design your trusses to comply with your local codes and regulations.

Standard Construction Details: various details related to beam support, floor construction, connections, and roofing options.

The following may also be included:

Interior Elevations: show the specific details of cabinets (kitchen, bathroom, and utility room), fireplaces, built-in units, and other special interior features, depending on the nature and complexity of the item. Note: To save money and to accommodate your own style and taste, we suggest contacting local cabinet and fireplace distributors for sizes and styles.

Schematic Electrical Layouts: show the suggested locations for switches, fixtures and outlets. These details may be shown on the floor plan or on a separate diagram.

What types of sets are there?

Blueprint Set:
Non-changable, non-reproducible set. Each page of the set will be stamped with the copyright stamp of Drawing Board Atlanta, Inc. The reproduction of such sets is illegal.

Reprducible Set:
These sets are useful if you want to either
1.) Make field changes to the set, or
2.) Use the set to build more than one home.

All field changes are the sole responsibility of the consumer. Drawing Board Atlanta, Inc., cannot be held liable for any problems that may arise from making changes to plans.

Consumers are granted permission to produce up to 10 homes from the plans within a certain time frame, dependent upon when plans are ordered.

Plans are shipped on an erasable, reproducible paper. Each page will have a label affixed identifying the licensee and expiration date. The licensee may make as many copies as necessary, but only to build the allowed number of homes.

Mirror Reverse Set:
is a process that takes the original house plan drawings and makes a backwards copy. The text is backwards because is was not "flipped" with a CAD program. The mirror reverse option can be requested no additional charge. The mirror reverse option is a very common practice in the building industry.

We recommend that if you decide to order a plan mirror reversed, that you request no more than half of the total number of sets mirror reversed. For example, let's say you order 5 sets of blueprints total; we would recommend that you request no more than 3 sets mirror reversed (2 sets the regular way, 3 sets mirrored reversed). Remember that the text on the mirror reversed sets is backwards, you will need a couple of sets readable for reference.

Right Reading Reverse Set:
a set that has been "flipped" using a CAD program or other method. In these sets, the house is backwards but the text is "right reading". Many of our older plans do not have this feature available, while many of our newer plans do.

Right Reading Plans can be created for any plan, but there will be an extra charge, depending on the plan in question. Please call us at (678) 643-0316 if you are interested.

Can your plans be customized?

Yes, ALL of our stock home plans can be customized to suit your needs for an additional fee. The additional fee will depend on the changes you are making to the plans and how many pages in the set are affected. If you are interested in customizing a stock home plan, please call us at (678) 643-0316 to discuss your needs with us.

Do you have materials lists?

Materials List:
details the quantity, type and size of materials needed to build your home. This list is helpful in acquiring an accurate construction estimate. Availability depends on plan, and there is typically an extra charge.

Material Lists can be created for any plan, but there will be an extra charge, depending on the plan in question. Please call us at (678) 643-0316 if you are interested.

What are your shipping costs?

Shipping and Handling Policy

In all cases, a signature will be required upon delivery unless requested otherwise.

Ground Delivery: Orders are shipped via UPS and will take 5-7 business days to arrive.

2nd Day Delivery: Orders are shipped either UPS or FedEx. No matter which service is used, the shipping cost will remain the same. If an order is placed after 2pm EST, the order will not ship until the following business day. It will therefore not arrive until the 3rd day afer the order is placed.

Overnight Delivery: Orders are shipped via FedEx Standard Overnight. If an order is placed after 2pm EST, the order will not ship until the following business day. It will therefore not arrive until the 2nd day afer the order is placed.

Damage In Transit: If you do receive a damaged item, sign the receipt and write "Damaged" next to your signature. If you suspect the package is damaged but have not yet opened it, ask the delivery person to give you an opportunity to physically inspect the package in their presence. If that is not possible, save the carton and all packing materials for inspection by the shipping company. In any case, please contact us and we will reship your order and resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Returned Shipments: If a order is returned to us by the shipping company, either because no one was home to accept delivery, or any other reason, please be aware that we will be unable to credit shipping charges on any returned orders.

Product Availability: All orders placed before 2pm EST are shipped the same day. All orders placed after 2pm EST are shipped the next business day. In the unlikely event that an item you wish to order is out of stock or temporarily unavailable, we will notify you in writing, phone, or e-mail. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will ship your ordered item as soon as possible. If we will not be able to ship an item within 10 days from receipt of your paid order, you may request a refund.

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