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Stock Plan Fee Schedule

Single Family Detached Residential

Working Drawings


PRINTS to build ONE Building 6 Regular Sets for construction of ONE Single Family Residence only;
Add $35 for each Additional Set ordered.
In single sets only, are sold with prior approval only, & require that purchaser execute a copyright licensing agreement with Drawing Board Atlanta, Inc.

1,999 Square Feet & Smaller



2,000 Square Feet to 2,999 SF



3,000 Square Feet to 3,999 SF



4,000 Square Feet to 4,999 SF



*See Additional Documents below.

Multi-Family / Multi-Unit

Working Drawings
To add whole-building drawings, entire multifamily buildings will incur a minium additional charge of:




PER UNIT (Whichever is greater)


Drawings are not stamped outside of GA, and are not stamped in GA unless a "custom" fee is paid. Multiple build licenses are required for constructing more than one structure from these drawings.

All plans ordered online through Paypal include PRINTS to build ONE Building: 6 Regular Sets for construction of ONE Single Family Residence only.
For additional sets or documents, please call (678) 643-0316.

Additional Documents




8 1/2<= x 11<=

Available for any particular design only where indicated on the catalog sheet for that plan. Not guaranteed to be accurate calculations of quantity, but to be used as guides for comparison only.

if ordered at he the same time with order of working drawings

8 1/2<= x 11<=

Available for any particular design only if indicated on the Catalog Sheet or Web Page for that Design. Not Guaranteed to indicate accurate product availability in all instances, but to be used as a guide for comparison only.

if ordered at he the same time with order of working drawings

11<= x 17<=

Exterior Elevations &
Promotional Floor Plan
marked >=Not for Construction<=

(FOR 18<= x 24<= ADD $50.00 TO STUDY SET FEE)



Color Computer Rendering if available; Promotional Floor Plan
Side & Rear Exterior Elevations

(FOR 11<= x 17<= ADD $15.00)

(8 1/2<= x 11<=)

Exterior Color Rendering, Computer generated for close paint, material, & finish match; Call for Availability

(FOR 18<= x 24<= ADD $80.00)


Call for Availability; if available, add $120.00 to stock plan cost for right-read reverse working drawings. Allow Three Additional Weeks and refer to prices at Right, if Working Drawings must be produced.

$1,495.00 for 1,499 s.f. & Smaller
$1,950.00 for 1,500 to 2,999 s.f.
$2,950.00 for 3,000 s.f. to 3,999 s.f.

See "Terms and Conditions of Provisions of House Plans & Services"
for conditions under which these items are provided.

We accept major credit cards. Call to order now: (678) 643-0316


1.              Purchaser is the person listed on invoice and any agent signing for or accepting documents as instruments of service on behalf of listed purchaser. Provider is Drawing Board Atlanta, Inc., and its successors, assigns, and agents. The documents listed in this publication, and which may be listed in any invoice, are instruments of service prepared at the order of purchaser. All copies of documents delivered to purchaser by provider under this agreement are and shall remain property of provider. However, purchaser shall have the right to retain these documents so long as purchaser violates no part of this agreement. Purchaser acknowledges inspecting all documents prior to purchase, if purchased at the premises of provider, and purchaser agrees to inspect all documents immediately upon receipt through any delivery or shipping service, and agrees to notify provider of all discrepancies within five days of receipt of documents by any means. Purchaser further agrees that, except for time allowed for inspection, all documents come without warranties, and purchaser buys them >=as is<= and without recourse. Provider and purchaser agree that all sales of documents as instruments of service are final, and provider has no obligation to correct any discrepancies subsequent to time allowed for inspection. Further, no warranties, express or implied, including a warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, have been or will be made by or on behalf of provider.  No professional seal is provided with these documents.

2.              Purchaser acknowledges that documents illustrated in this publication or listed in any invoice, as well as architectural designs represented by them, are copyrighted by provider, and they may not be used to prepare derivative works, redrawn, photocopied, printed, or reproduced by any method by anyone, including purchaser and its agents, successors, and assigns, unless provider grants its express, written permission to do so. Such infringement of the copyright rights of provider by the purchaser or its agents, successors, or assigns shall obligate purchaser to pay provider damages stipulated by the copyright laws of the United States of America.

3.              Unless expressly licensed in writing specifically to build more, purchaser may build one and only one house upon purchase, payment in full, and while abiding by the terms and conditions of the purchase and use of the documents bought under this agreement.

4.              The cost of each document provided as an instrument of service under these terms is three hundred fifty dollars per copy, with a minimum order of six copies, but if purchaser pays at or prior to delivery of documents, then the cost of documents shall be reduced to the amount shown on this fee schedule, or such other fee schedule, terms, and conditions as shall be current at the time of purchase. Invoices unpaid on the fifth day after delivery of documents shall be past due, and shall lose all discounts and be charged the full, non-discounted cost for each copy of the documents, and shall accrue interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1-1/2%) per month on the non-discounted, full, unpaid balance. This is equivalent to eighteen percent (18%) apr. Checks, credit card charges, money orders, drafts, and other means of payment are accepted by provider as a convenience to purchaser, and purchaser agrees that these means of payment shall be honored by the institution with which purchaser has drawn such instrument within five (5) days of delivery of documents and instruments of service under this agreement, and that if dishonored due to insufficient funds in a checking or draft account, or a closed or revoked or invalid account, then purchaser shall lose discounts unless cash is tendered upon demand to satisfy the amount so dishonored. Further, dishonored checks are subject to a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) charge. Purchaser agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and costs of collection for any past due amount, or portion thereof, which must be collected by or through an attorney at law. The parties specifically agree that reasonable attorney fees are defined as fifteen percent (15%) of any past due amount for amounts which equal or exceed one thousand dollars and are defined as four hundred fifty dollars ($450.00) for lesser past due amounts. Costs of collection are defined as court costs, discovery expenses, additional employee time at current rates, and such other costs as may arise from the providers effort to collect an invoiced amount.

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