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Provisions Convenience Store & Pizzeria

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In August of 2000, a long-time client approached us about doing a convenience store in Henry County, Georgia. We previously designed this client's home in McDonough, Georgia, in 1991. The success of that project and DBA's competitive fees brought him back. He wanted to build a convenience store with a raw industrial feel. Andy suggested the building shell be a quonset hut, to create a unique image consistent with the farming history of the rapidly suburbanizing area, honest to the building type. It is evocative of technologies emerging in the mid-twentieth century with particular importance to the aviation economy of the Southern Crescent of Metro Atlanta. In keeping with this, we decided on a World War II - 1940's airplane hangar theme.
Materials such as metal, metal laminates, corrugated metal, light colored woods, and concrete were chosen. Our Interior Design team designed custom gondolas, cashier counters, and refreshment centers. Specialty ceilings and floor finishes were chosen, as well as high-design light fixtures. Bright colors and period furniture were selected to complete the look. This sure isn't going to be your average convenience store!

Our client loved these ideas, and is in the early phases of construction as of late fall 2001. As we have learned, Andy's neat design ideas sometimes lead to adventure. Substantial research time was needed to locate a manufacturer of this building type, but we found several. Our experienced structural engineering consultants were invaluable in tackling the unusual foundation design required to support the arched structure. Finally, our experience with code review led us to keep costs down through a number of strategies designed to maximize customer safety, accessibility, and convenience.

The store is located on Conyers Road in McDonough, Georgia. Construction cost $670,000. Completed Summer 2002.

Construction Pictures, March 2002
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