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Hang Glider House

Heated Area
1,800 square feet on One Level
(3) pods @ 600 square feet each
1 bedroom + closet with Loft over
1 service pod with Grand Bath & Utility
1 living pod with Hearth, Eating, Cooking

Qualitative & Market Context:
Rural area, isolated on mountainous out-perch used as hang-glider launching point
Custom design for hang-gliding enthusiast who desired unique expression

An architectonic interpretation of winged conveyance -- austere and Spartan, without excess -- this home soars over the land, three spirits in one whole, flying in tandem. The cut-away roof expresses structural elements at edges of the southern exposure, while 30" overhangs shade southeastern & southwestern windows from excess sun, and minimal struts & cables hold components steady in mountainside drafts. Clerestory windows allow north light to filter softly in, throughout the length of the house, highlighting exposed trusses overhead.
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